Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hangout with Cousins

Pizza e Birra, Gandaria City, 22 February 2014

For me, hangout with my cousins is one of the best way to spend over the weekend. Unfortunately, we cannot too often meet each other after graduated from College. Almost all of us are live around Jakarta. But growing old means that we also have much more activities.

But when we have any opportunity to hangout, we surely will do many activities. Like we did on the picture. That picture was taken on 22 February 2014. When one of my cousin (not on the picture) had her birthday. She treated us to a dinner in a restaurant. After dinner, she left home since it's been too late for her kids to stayed awake. But the rest (including me!) were headed to a movie. As I'm not mistaken it was "I, Frankenstein" in 3D. After movie, we still had a glass beer or two until midnight.

What else could I asked if I could have fun time with my cousins, right?