Friday, May 22, 2009

Want Stop a DDoS Attack? It Is Possible!

Nowadays, every internet user can face different troubles which are bound up with computer crimes. The evidence of it is the fact that even such companies like Yahoo, which spend a lot of money for the development and the setting of the system of security, are not insured from ddos attack. Different companies (small and big corporations) and also companies of different type (insurance and financial companies, electronic pay systems, and trade and industrial enterprises) can be also severely attacked. When the clients are looking for the company, which provides dedicated servers, usually their attention is concentrated on ddos protection. Nowadays, one of the companies, which are making great progress in preventing such risk, is the Company. Dragonara.Net provides its clients with
dedicated hosting
all over the world.

Nowadays, the Dragonara.Net Company reaches the level of protection equal to 99,9 %. This hosting center prevents server failures of different types, connected with ddos attack. Unique technologies, developed by professional team of the company, help its clients not to worry about the problems of security. Such results impress even more, because the company began to provide the service of ddos protected hosting quite recently. However, even during this short period of time the Dragonara.Net succeeded in developing and applying measures which give an opportunity to reflect more than 100 powerful ddos attacks each month, without the deterioration of any dedicated server. Therefore, when the team of professionals, who prevent any hacker attacks, announces that its clients can expect 99,9% availability of the servers, they base themselves upon the real progress in ddos attack protection, which we can observe nowadays. The clients of the company could make sure by their own experience that it is possible to stop ddos attack, and that is what the specialists of the company are every day occupied with.

Thousands of clients of this new company use services of high-quality hosting Swiss dedicated hosting. The company has begun its activity in the heart of Switzerland and it adheres to those high quality standards which made this country famous in the whole world. These high standards also apply to a new platform of dedicated servers, which was set up in connection with expansion of company.

Professional team of the Dragonara.Net is always ready to help (to protect) any business from possible ddos-attack. It will help you to avoid enormous losses, which are connected with the inaccessibility of your server. You will definitely save money and will derive benefit from it.


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