Sunday, March 28, 2010

Once Upon a Sunrise in Bali

One word. Subhanallah!

About 15 minutes before the sun really rise and shine

Strolling down the beach..

.. before the sun was rising

There she goes

Love the color combination of nature

The big red eye of universe

Don't be shy, Sun

Starts to shine

Good morning, Sunshine!

Rise and shine with the sun

Preparation of Melasti Ceremony

Pray to the Sang Hyang Widhi

The Melasti Ceremony

These pictures were taken when I was in Bali for 3 days duty trip. A few days before the Seclusion Day. Mostly of my time were in Denpasar. But I got one night to spent in Sanur so I can saw the sunrise before I left for Jakarta. Since I did not make it to see the sunset in Kuta, the sunrise were totally awesome.

Hope you enjoy the pictures as I enjoyed my days in Bali.

PS: FYI, Bali is in Indonesia NOT in Malaysia.


Lidya said...

jalan2 terus nih mbak :) pha kabar nih? lama gak mampir kesini

hariyanto blog said...

pemandangan yang bagus. salam kenal aja mbak.

feekyu said...

NIce foto. hehehe
Enak ya bias ke bali

bisnis n hobby said...

i love bali, thanks artikelnya, salam blogger

DeLiA said...

hai, Bun-Bun..

salam kenal :)

thank you..

@bisnis n hobby: