Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My First Exclusive Concert

This is what I want to tell you a few weeks ago. About my first experience attending an exclusive concert on July 11, 2009. Why it was exclusive? Because it was held by invitation only. And I got the invitation from a radio quiz. I got 3 (three) free invitations, so I asked my lil sister and my cousin to came with me.

The concert was sponsored by one of famous cigarette in Indonesia. That's why the concert called by the name of the cigarette. And the concert itself was held in Golden Ballroom of Hotel Sultan, Jakarta. The star performer of the concert was Alexa and RAN - two of famous nowadays band in Indonesia. Well, actually I was not the biggest fans of them, but I knew some of their songs and sometimes I was humming their songs.

Please enjoy the pictures from the concert. I believe that pictures can tell you a lot of fun than thousand of words.

Went to the concert with a bruised head
(Kepentok palang kayu malam sebelum datang ke konser)

The Invitation ..

.. and it's pop-up!

My Lil Sis, I, and My Cousin

The crowd before the concert

Fajar - the drummer of Alexa

My Lil Sis and I with Aqi - the vocalist of Alexa
(Yeah, rite! He's tall enough yet handsome..)

My cousin and Asta - the guitarist of RAN
(Awalnya malu-malu.. Tapi belakangan jadi suka deh.. hehehe..)

We pick the red sofa as our first seat
But we like the bean bag seat in front of the sofa much so we move :P

You can pick your own seat: sofa, bean bag couch, or even this cushion

The stage

Alexa and The MC - Ronald and Tike

Fajar - the drummer of Alexa - in action

Aqi - the vocalist of Alexa - in action

Aqi - the vocalist - and Satrio - the guitarist of Alexa
(Gw jepret foto ini persis di depannya Aqi dan Satrio sambil senyum-senyum centil.. hehehehe..)

RAN and the MC

Tike and Asta - the guitarist of RAN
(Lucu banget si Asta ini kalau dilihat-lihat.. Berondong, Cuy!)

Rayi and Nino - the vocalist of RAN

Rayi - the vocalist of RAN
(Penghayatannya.. Lucu banget siy ini berondong!)

Nino - the vocalist of RAN - and RAN's additional band player

The collaboration of Alexa and RAN

Each guests had their own photo session with Alexa and RAN

And after the concert, I became Alexis (fans of Alexa) and my lil sis and my cousin became Ranners (fans of RAN).


budiawanhutasoit said...

wah...yg dapat undangan exclusive..plok..plok...tepuk tangan buat delia..
btw, Alexa ini ada hubungannya dengan Alexa Rank ngga ya..hehe

genial said...

hi there old pren... pa kabar nii mba'?!?!?

ada award di tempat saiia.. nama bunda masuk list :) silahkan di ambil...

terimakasih :)

salam hangat :)

Lidya said...

wah asyinya yang nonton konser, aku belum pernah nih :)

diahsari said...

mampir donk... :)

krisjoko said...

blog walking...lihat2 tulisannya semakin menarik aja neh del...

Anonymous said...

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