Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My So Called Office Desk - Part 1

My colorful desk!

That is how my office desk looks like. Just like my desk at previous office, it is so colorful yet crowded.

I have pictures of my sisters, nieces, and cousins, body lotion, hand cream,
body mist, lip balm, lipstick,baby liquid talc, anti-itch lotion, eucalyptus oil, eye drops, cough syrup, souvenirs from my colleagues, and a complete set of stationary. That is just a small part of my desk. I will take another picture tomorrow that show my whole desk.

Well, it's more than a desk I guess. It is my nest at the office.


Lidya - Mama Pascal said...

aku tahu tuh ada lotion citra ya hehehe

-delia- said...

@Bunda Lidya:
hehehe.. iyah, Bun :D