Monday, March 19, 2012

The Sweetest Cupcakes

I start to fall in love with cupcakes! Blame it to Mbak Syafrina Siregar who introduce me to this sweet little full color cake.

If you live around Jakarta area and love cupcakes, just contact Mbak Nana. She would love to made your cupcakes based on your request! Just like mine below..

My Mom's Birthday Cupcakes

24 Cupcakes for the Queen of My Heart

A little promotion for my Cupcakes Queen :D

Or if you live in Malang, East Java, I recommend Mbak Linda's Cupcakes!
Well, frankly speaking, I didn't know her in private. I was introduced to her by Mr. Google.

In order to gave a surprise on my friend's birthday last week, I was looking for an online cake store just like Mbak Nana's. If he lived in Jakarta, I would love to ask Mbak Nana to made the cupcakes for me. But since he lives in Malang, so I ask Mr. Google to find me an online cake store. And voila! I found Mbak Linda's website. And I fall in love with her cupcakes creation. Just like Mbak Nana..

Here's the cupcakes from Mbak Linda:

Special Cupcakes for Special Person

So, if you love cupcakes and craving for them, I recommend you to contact Mbak Nana and Mbak Linda.

Happy ordering!

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