Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jogja Story - Part 2

The pictures told the stories behind it.

Travel Warning: Indonesia Dangerously Beautiful
The Red among The Yellowish Green
This rice field is right next to our family's house at Sleman
My cousins and I

Finally we can took a picture! An allowed area for taking pictures
@ Ullen Sentalu Museum, Kaliurang

The icon of Ullen Sentalu Museum, Kaliurang

Another gate at Ullen Sentalu Museum, Kaliurang

The tour of the museum was done!

A perfect combination: Delia and Food!@ Pasar Beringharjo, Malioboro

Midnight Snack
@ Angkringan Pakualaman
Angkringan means outdoor place to hangout in Jogjakarta
The specialty of angkringan: Roti bakar and Kopi joss
Kopi joss means a coffee with a charcoal. The charcoal is inside the coffee and it is used to precipate the coffee waste

Bakmi Jawa Kadin at Bintaran Kulon Street
The famous place where you can find the most delicious Bakmi Jawa (Javanese noodle)

Time to go home..
Waiting Room at Adi Sutjipto International Airport, Jogjakarta
Our baggage claim tickets!
10 tickets for total around 90 kilograms for 7 passengers

We'll miss Jogja.. The city of our ancestors
Mandala Airlines RI-345 Flight

What a pleasant trip, Cousins! See you all at next trip..

Next destination: Ciater Hope the other cousins will join..!


bagus pras said...

ah...jadi pengen ke jokja lagi nih mbak...

Senoaji said...

yaaaa knp gak kopdar nehhhhh

RiP666 said...

wow kayaknya seru kaliieee del ^^

Abiagi Smith said...

ibu ibu PKK dari mana ya?
yg baju merah pasti ketua nya..wakakakkk

adson said...

Akhirnya ada fotonya hehe....

sehat dengan reiki said...

be carefully to step along stone dikes in the fields of padys. i like the green banana leaf.

Meryl said...

hi, nice pics...
seem you really enjoy the place..
indonesia is a nice place

have a great day

DeLiA said...

@bagus pras..
pergilah.. masih bagus qo Jogja itu :P

aaaaaaah.. aq ga tau.. next time lah dikabarin klo k Jogja lg :D

seru banget!

@Abiagi Smith..
Ibu-Ibu PKK dr Keluarga Soejoedi :P sebelah yg baju merah itu ketua kelompokny :D

iyah.. baru sempet upload soalnya :D he he he

@sehat dengan reiki..
selama ga hujan, berjalan di pematang sawah cukup menyenangkan qoooo..

I love Jogja much! it's the city of my origin.. hope you'll visit Indonesia soon ;)

ipanks said...

halah halah halah itu rombongan ehem-ehem yap mbak del hehehe

=3= said...

ooo..jogja , pengen banget ksono lagih...

Anonymous said...

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