Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ordinary Cloudy Wednesday

If you think this is about crying quits of Real Madrid, then you're wrong! So, you don't have read this one. Skip it out!! 

Awas aja klo sampe ada yang ngomongin kejadian 4-0 sama gw..

Today isn't a good day for me. Well not too bad either. I feel that today goes so flat. So ordinary.

In the morning, I wait for this one person. He is an officer at client's office. I need him to sign minutes of meeting I've made. When I came, he's not at the office yet. 09.30 AM. Since he is the only person I have to catch (his sign, exactly), so I wait for him. The clock is ticking. The staffs are staring at me. The mosquitoes are biting my ankle. Until 30 minutes later and he still not coming yet, I decide to give the minutes of meeting to one of the staff there. Can't bear the mosquito's bite!

From the client office, I go to the bank. I have to pay my own insurance.

Back to the office, there is a hectic moment among the experts. Can't understand why they still act like kindergarten kids at their age.

The time flies so fast. I hope tomorrow won't be such ordinary as today.

I'm looking out the window. Seeing the gray cloud covering the town. Hearing the thunder starts to play its own music. And watching the rain falls..

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