Thursday, September 18, 2008

Color of The Day

PURPLE- feeling a little lonely.
WHITE - having problems.
GREEN- just relaxing.
YELLOW- addicted to candy.
PINK- feeling so happy.
GRAY- having a boring time.
BLACK- craving for chocolate.
AQUA- hyper hyper.
ORANGE- not in love.
SKY BLUE-calm.
RED- happy because the person you love loves you back.
SILVER- thinking of someone.
MAGENTA- heart broken.
BROWN- the person you like doesn't like you.
PEACH- you're not bored. you got a lot of fun activities to do.
GOLD- saving money for this vacation.
CHOCOLATE- your really in love and you cant stop thinking about the person you love.
HOT PINK- you feel hot.
BLUE- you like someone but you don't know how that someone feels about you

My color today is CHOCOLATE! :D
Just because i want a glass of ice chocolate :p hahahaha..

What's yours..???

Thanks to Putri who sent this on FS.


artofreed said...

horeeeee !! I'm chocolate today !!
uuups !!

Bunda Rierie said...

bunda.... pinkyyyyyyy dongggggggg

paank Fachrezi said...

mmmm black, black, and black!!!

bukannye serem, tapi item kan kalo kotor nggak terlalu keliatan ^_^

GothBoi said...


Black, red, and gray, white juga :D

Fajar Indra said...

fajar cinta PIINNNKKKKK... biar PInkYYYYyyyyy


harry said...

wah kalo aku seeh disesuaikahn dengan warna favo aku dong...tuh warna netral

stone_princess said...

im GREEN today..nice post..can i copy this and will also post on my blog??

DeLiA said...

you have to put a link to my post and put the source in your post if you want to re-post this one :)