Friday, February 20, 2009

Delia in Another Species

I know the truth that I had "twins" when I was in my first year at college. At that time I was taking the subject "Dasar Perlindungan Tanaman" (Plants Protection). Based on the title, I learnt everything about pest and pesticide (especially those insecticides)

The only thing I hated (and also loved at the same time) about the subject was the lab work. Because after the lab work, I had to spent the whole weekend drawing the pest, doing the taxonomy, bla bla bla.. And I did that every week!

One day, my buddies and I went to the library to done the report for the lab work. And we had this one guidance book (can't remember the title) about pest that we used every time we done the work. It's about 700 pages or more.

And then I found my "twins" among the pages.

Introducing Delia platura

Please meet, Delia arambourgi

I was a lil bit shocked when I knew that my "twins" are flies. But then I sent those two copy of the pages from that pest book to my MoMMy in Jakarta.

What a surprise to found the letter and those copies among my old stuff. Perhaps you want to "find" your another "twins"..??


taxmania said...

taxonomi itu ilmu apaan mbak..?
ada hubungannya ama tax-pajak gak..

DeLiA said...

coba liat di

Brigadista said...

hiks hiks hikk.... cuma bisa cekikikan,...!!!

ipanks said...

weks itu apa yap mbak?kumbang atau...??

dotcom said...

loh loh itu binatang apa mbak?

RiP666 said...

itu capung ya del??

ya ampun masak kembarannya itu heheheh

DeLiA said...

itu LALAT..!!

debrian said...

hehehe.. mau brubah..hehehe..

azwinner said...

kembaran nya lalat???
weks (kaget mode on)

ngakak baca komen yg di atas
itu capung ya del?????

Senoaji said...

ehhhh... jadi proses nya jadi mask ridr gitu toh???? hmmmm [sok mikir] PLOK!! [sandal segede gajah] *very2 gak nyambung* xixixixixixixi

Adieska said...

Kayaknya saya kurang paham mbak :D

Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009

Anonymous said...

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