Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Month, New Homework

Pagi-pagi nan dingin begini emang paling enak tidur berselimutkan selimut kuning, sambil guling-guling.

Tapi ya namanya juga ga terbiasa bangun siang-siang, terpaksa bangun dari tempat tidur dan mulai untuk browsing sana, browsing sini, dan browsing situ. Mulai dari sapa-sapa di plurk, cek email, blogwalking, sampe main game!

Terus inget deh punya utang PR dari si Haviz. Mending dikerjain aja deh sebelum gw lupa.

Ada 2 PR siy sebenernya.. Tapi berhubung yang pertama udah pernah gw kerjain, jadi gw sekarang kerjain PR yang kedua ajah yah.

The rules are simple:
1. Use google image to search the answers to the questions below.
2. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of results, and post it as your answer.
3. After that tag 8 people.

1. The Age of Next Birthday

The perfect 27!

2. Place I'd Like to Travel
Madrid, Spain. The very first main reason that I want to go to that city is just because of this man

3. Favorite Place(s)
Park! Especially in the afternoon. When I can see a lot of little children play there.

Psssst.. I took the picture from my private collection. That's one of my favorite park, Taman Menteng.

But I always said, "It's not about the place, but someone whom you with is the most important thing"

4. Favorite Food(s)
Basically, I'm a food lover!

But my favorite foods are noodles (especially Kwetiau Seafood Siram of Solaria) and fried duck.

Kwetiau Seafood Siram of Solaria
Bebek Goreng

5. Favorite Thing(s)
Hmmm.. My favorite things are my yellow blanket, my monkey & bear, and my pillow.
 And I took the picture from my private collection. Because no one in this world has the same blanket as mine.

C-Mad the Bear, Cun the Monkey, and my yellow blanket

Oh ya.. I also love the sky, the moon, and the stars. Especially when I can see the moon on the night sky.

6. City I was Born
JAKARTA, Indonesia.

Semanggi Bridge - the Icon of Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. You can find a lot of things here. Shopping centers, entertainment centers, traffic jams, floods, pickpockets (the technical terms in Indonesia: copet, jambret, maling, kapak merah, etc.). Jakarta is a city that full of colors and I love this city much!

7. Nick Name I Had

Hmmm.. I'm used to call myself as "Delia". But some of my best buddies call me "Deli" or "Adel". And my little nieces and nephews call me "Tante Del" or "Auntie Del".

8. Favorite Color

I'm love blue, purple, and red.

9. College Major
I'm a Bachelor of Agriculture, majoring in Agribusiness. I had my bachelor's degree at Brawijaya University in Malang, East Java.

10. Name of My Love

11. Hobby(ies)
Sleep. Listening to musics. Watching movies. Reading a lot of books.

12. Bad Habit

Ummmm.. I won't talk about this one. Sssst.. That's a secret! Hahahahaha..

13. Wish Lists

Getting married! *AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!* Huahahahaha..

I want to be a better person for my family, my buddies, my friends, my neighborhood, and my country *amen!*

That's only one little wish I had among a lot of wishes. And I guess I'll keep the others as my another secret.

Well, I guess I'm the rules-breaker. So I'll break another rule again. I won't tag 8 people. If any of you want to do this homework, please do so.


bunda 4zka said...

Hemmm... award lg ya.
btw klo bebek goreng, bunda azka juga suka nih. Gak perlu ditanya, langsung habis...Nyam2
Apalagi klo belinya di surabaya, deket rumah tante. Mantap nih

dere said...

emmmm..... nyami.. jadi laper bah .. :D

dere said...

salam kenal juga ya.. :)

ipanks said...

cyelamattttttttttttt hehehehe

didiet said...

pagi..pagi gini enaknya kemulan pake selimut dingiiin bgt disini

Brigadista said...

award award awardd....... selamaat..!!!

DeLiA said...

@bunda 4zka..
emg Bebek Goreng tu paling mantaaaaab.. td pagi liat Bebek Goreng Madu di Bandung.. jd pengen ksana :P

salam kenal jg, Bang :D

@ipanks & Brigadista..
makasih.. makasih.. makasih..

sama.. aq udh jaketan niy skrg d kantor :D

RiP666 said...

hehehehe keren bgt del...

klo delia suka raul, aku suka bgt ama van nistelrooy hehe, tp sayang lg cedera T-T

katakataku said...

liat gambar bebek goreng jadi laper banget neeh, palagi belum makan siang lagi :(

DeLiA said...

gw jatuh cinta sm si Raul sjk SMP! dan sejak saat itu pula gw suka Real Madrid dan La Liga..
sayang sejak lulus kuliah gw jarang nonton bola karena udah ga kuat bgadang lagi :P huahahahaha

aq jg lg mau bebek goreng niy!

Anonymous said...

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